1. lets-start-a-flash-mob said: Hey I just wanted to make sure you're ok. I haven't seen you on and i just really hope you're okay.

    Im okay and thank you for your concern, I spent the last year or so really doing everything in my power to try to better myself as a person! Im over a year clean from cutting now and I have a beautiful and amazing girlfriend named Gail who is always there for me. She is just the right amount of understanding and comforting but she also can get on my ass about things if I need it. I was in a really terrible place for awhile and i just needed to get away from everything but now Im feeling a million times better and being with Gail is not only making me FEEL better but she really inspires me to be a better person


  2. Anonymous said: kik me: catnamedwhiskers for a good time c;

    im taken. thank you though



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  7. And they said horses were irrelevant in the steampunk era! Blasphemy!


  8. Anonymous said: I meant weight loss* lol sorry about that and welcome :)

    Haha I Got what you were saying. Thank you though!


  9. I ended up getting this vest for homecoming. I feel like all my working out and dieting is starting to pay off! I wear medium again! Woot!!